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ENG nase miestnosti 90roky

Can you manage to solve all the puzzles that are in a strange room situated 20 years ago? 2-5 players 60 minutes 50 € /...

ENG nase miestnosti Pirati

Can you find secret treasure which is hidden somewhere in the captain’s White Shark cabin in 60 minutes? 2-5 players 60 minutes €50 / group

ENG Zabava

Despite the fact that your brain is working at full speed, we want you to feel good in our EscapeRoom and help you to spend nice time full of fun with friends or co-workers. It’s just a game!


Čo je pravdepodobne pocit byť zavretý v neznámej miestnosti a nie je schopný sa dostať von? Čo by sa stalo po riešenie tohto puzzle? Čo by sa stalo, keby sme don´t, aby ho v čase? Tieto pocity nemôžu byť popísané, musíte...

ENG napatie

What is probably the feeling to be locked up in an unknown room and not being able to get out? What would happen after solving this puzzle? What would happen if we don´t make it in time? These feelings can´t  be described, you have to experience it!

It will be scary?

  Don't worry, the game is not out to scare you. The game has the ability to test your logical thinking, cooperation, and creativity. No snakes, spiders, ghosts and other vermin with us.